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released March 16, 2016



all rights reserved


NO GODS Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Disillusioned
Still swallowing the same old shit
Broken my soul, I can't resist
Day in, day out
Live my life for someone else
They tell me 'Keep trying,
Take your mind of the fact that you're dying.
Your Loss, our gain'
I refuse to live this way

Now's the time to make a change
Leave it behind and search for better days
Misguided by the ones I trusted most
Pull the knife out my back
and stick it right through your throat

How many times will I go through this in life
Everytime I say that things will be different
It's a means to an end
Don't want a part in the cycle but I've got to survive

I need a way out
It all wasn't what I thought it was
Track Name: Bitter Taste
I'm searching for some gratification
Can't seem to fake it no more
I'm lost can't find my way out
Cast out by the ones on the inside
Had no idea the world could be so cold

But I'm still standing

Sands of time are blowing over me
wearing me down so I'm a shadow of what I used to be
Consumed by emptiness my feelings evaporate out my pores
I feel nothing but the memories warp the person I've become

I can't say that you realise
Exactly what went wrong
Built me up to break me down
I can't take another fall
Track Name: Born Quitter
Seven years spent knocking on the door to death
Playing with my life every chance I get
No more time wasted on it
But I can't seem to control it

'Cos I want it more than I ever have before
Now I can see the fool that I've been taken for
I'm gonna put my foot down
It's time to make a stand

Chosen the hardest way for me
To unshackle my mind and be free
I'll walk the path less walked
It's the only direction that leads

To the end of this awful downward spiral that I'm in
I've gotta break out gotta let my life begin
And change for the better
Turns out it pays to be a quitter
Track Name: Time For Change
I hate the words you say
When will the truth come to the surface
I need more perseverance
To stop myself from drowning in the flood of lies
I'm cutting ties

Don't want to live in a world where what you say is forced on me
It's hypocrisy

Try to cover our eyes and cloud our judgement
You fucking snake
I can't believe that it's come to this
Come to this

Buried deep down in your untold truths
Lurks something that we already knew
You've got no shame, no empathy
Welcome to a time where hatred reigns

I'm gonna break all ties and scorch every bridge
Last chance saloon is closed so choke on your drink